Short Stories:

‘Talking About Lobsters’ in Das Narr (April, 2021), translated into German by Karin Bosshard.

‘A Short Dictionary of Wombats’ in Mslexia issue 87 (2020)

‘The Proper Way to Eat Sardines’ in The Dinesh Allirajah Prize: Cafe Stories (Comma Press, 2018)

Haptic Memory‘ on Reflex Fiction: Quarterly International Flash Fiction Competition (2017)

Annunciation’ in New Writing from Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Awards Vol 8 (2016)

Crex Crex’ in The Book of Iona ed. Robert Crawford (Polygon, 2016).

‘Talking About Lobsters’ in New Writing Scotland 34 (ASLS, 2016).

‘Spring Comes to Bernard Duggleby’ in The 2015 Exeter Story Prize Collection (2016).

‘The Floral Clock’ in Brittle Star issue 34 (2014).

‘The Guddle’ in Gutter: the magazine for new Scottish writing issue 10 (2014).

‘Flames’ in Interactions: A collection ed. Ruth Rendell et al (Roastbooks, 2012). 


‘Winter Love’ in Magma issue 58 (2014).

‘A Keeper’s Promise’ in New Writing Dundee 7 (Dundee University Press, 2012).

‘Next of Kin’ in Hippocrates Prize Anthology (2012).

‘East Neuk Storm’ in William Soutar Prize Anthology (2011) and published on StAnza’s Poetry Map of Scotland.

Four poems in 08/08 Poets ed. Douglas Dunn (Castle House Books, 2008).

Three poems in Coasters: An Illustrated Poetry Anthology (Atlantic Press, 2008).

Selected Book Reviews and Articles:

  • Review of Culinary Pleasures by Nicola Humble in Scottish Review of Books (2019).
  • Review of An Almost-Gone Radiance by Autumn Richardson in Scottish Review of Books (2018)
  • Review of Ghosts by Anna Wigley in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of A Boat Called Annalise by Lynne Hjelmgaard in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of Spindles: Stories from the Science of Sleep edited by Penelope Lewis & Ra Page in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of New Welsh Short Stories edited by Francesca Rhydderch and Penny Thomas in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of Playing House by Katherine Stansfield in New Welsh Review issue 107 (2015)
  • Review of Quantum Poetics: Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures by Gwyneth Lewis in New Welsh Review issue 107 (2015)
  • Review of Estuary by Lydia Fulleylove in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of The Book of the Needle by Matthew Francis in New Welsh Review issue 106 (2014)
  • Review of Short Days, Long Shadows by Sheenagh Pugh in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of Winter Moorings by Andrew McNeillie in New Welsh Review issue 105 (2014)
  • Review of A Pearl of Great Price: The Love Letters of Dylan Thomas to Pearl Kazin (edited by Jeff Towns) in New Welsh Review (online)
  • ‘Poetry, Science and Truth: The case of ‘poet-scientists’ Miroslav Holub and David Morley’ in Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Vol 39 no.1 (Mar 2014)
  • Review of Drysalter by Michael Symmons Roberts in New Welsh Review (online)
  • Review of Where Rockets Burn Through (ed. Russell Jones) in the Edinburgh Review (Issue 38, 2013)
  • ‘A New Species of Biography: The Darwin Poetry of Ruth Padel and Emily Ballou’, in Postgraduate English (University of Durham) issue No. 24 (March 2012)
  • ‘Zombie Metaphors: Scientific Language and Poetry: An Interview with Michael Symmons Roberts’ in Iota (Issue 90, 2011)
  • Review of Sea Change by Jorie Graham in The Red Wheelbarrow issue 15 (2008)